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The Composition And Principle Of Solar Road Studs Are Actually Very Simple


With the construction of the national urban road lighting project, whenever we walk on the road at night, we are no longer only accompanied by darkness, and the world that accompanies us becomes a world of colors. This is due to the urban landscape road Solar lighting fixtures, especially the urban Solar landscape Lights, Solar Road Studs and many other urban lighting landscape Solar lighting fixtures! I used to dared to walk in parks and other places during the day. Now I prefer parks at night because the parks at night are more beautiful. This is because many Solar Road Studs are in Silently illuminate the darkness for us! Lawn lights and Solar Road Studs have gradually changed our night life and activity venues. Its unique and ingenious design is more popular! Let’s take a look at Solar Road Studs lawn lights. What is it made of, and what is the control principle?

1. The system composition of Solar Road Studs

First of all, we understand the concept of Solar photovoltaic system: an independent photovoltaic system is generally composed of the following three parts: charge, discharge controller, inverter, test instrument computer monitoring and other power electronic equipment; solar cell components and batteries or other storage Energy and auxiliary power generation equipment. Solar photovoltaic system has many advantages: operational reliability, good stability; no air pollution, no waste water discharge; no combustion process, no fuel; no rotating parts, no noise; simple maintenance, low maintenance costs, etc.

Solar Road Studs is composed of an independent power generation system. Solar Road Studs can independently convert solar energy into electrical energy, and can convert electrical energy into heat energy for lighting and decoration, instead of the transmission of wires like street lights, which is more convenient to use simpler.

2. The principle of Solar Road Studs

Solar Road Studs has a controller, the controller is mainly used to control the charging and discharging of the battery. The most basic type of controller for Solar Road Studs is the charge and discharge controller. Generally, a basic photovoltaic application system is composed of components such as batteries, photovoltaic panels, solar controllers, and loads. In this controller, the switch is opened and closed. It is determined by the control circuit according to the charging and discharging state of the system.

The control circuit of Solar Road Studs can generally use a voltage comparison boost charging and discharging circuit composed of resistors, transistors, capacitors, and inductances, or a voltage hysteresis comparator or light control circuit composed of an integrated operational amplifier, or a single-chip microcomputer. However, the price difference between different controllers is still relatively large, and the general price of a stand-alone chip is still relatively high!

Solar Road Studs has greatly affected people’s night activities, especially in cities, where many people are busy with work during the day, and the pressure and tension of living in a metropolis requires activities and exercises at night, so Solar Road Studs is not only here. Play the role of lighting, can also give people a sense of beauty to a certain extent, reduce people’s physical and mental fatigue, more lawn lights, Solar Road Studs design and production, you can refer to Henan Ruichen Traffic Equipment Co, Ltd., its Solar Road Studs, Solar Studs, Cats Eyes Road Studs, etc. are famous!