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Overview And Introduction Of LED Cats Eyes Road Studs


LED Cats Eyes Road Studs is a new type of green energy landscape lighting fixture that integrates energy saving, environmental protection, lighting and beautification. Cats Eyes Road Studs are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and beautiful. The Cats Eyes Road Studs uses high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cell modules, which can convert sunlight and light energy into electrical energy during the day and store it in the battery. At night, it will automatically turn on the tube lighting after dark. It is widely used in parks, lawns, gardens, villas, etc.

Plaza green space, tourist attractions, resorts, golf courses, corporate factory green space lighting and beautification, residential area green space lighting, various green belts, etc., landscape decoration and landscape lighting. Cats Eyes Road Studs are mainly used to brighten and decorate lighting. They are designed with high-brightness LED light-emitting diodes. They have the advantages of high brightness, easy installation, reliable work, no cables, no conventional energy consumption, and long service life. Cats Eyes Road Studs light source and power supply system design methods have developed rapidly in recent years due to the unique advantages of Cats Eyes Road Studs. Lawn lights have low power, mainly for decoration, and are suitable for places with high mobility requirements, difficult circuit laying, and high waterproof requirements.

These make lawn lights powered by solar batteries show many unprecedented advantages.

The definition and structure of LED Road Studs

LED Road Studs mainly use the energy of solar cells to work. When the sun shines on the solar cells during the day, the light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery. ) Provide power. Its advantages are mainly safety, energy saving, convenience, environmental protection and so on. It is suitable for the beautification and lighting of green grass in residential communities and the beautification of park lawns. The structure of LED Road Studs is composed of solar cell components (photovoltaic panels), super bright LED lights (light source), maintenance-free rechargeable batteries, automatic control circuits, lamps, etc.

The system composition, control principle and circuit principle of LED Road Studs

LED Solar Studs system composition: LED Solar Studs is an independent power generation system. It can independently convert solar energy into electric energy, and convert electric energy into heat energy for lighting and decoration, without the need for wire transmission. An independent photovoltaic system generally consists of the following three parts: solar cell components, charging and discharging controllers, inverters, test instruments and computer monitoring and other power electronic equipment and batteries or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment. Photovoltaic system has the following characteristics: no rotating parts, no noise; no air pollution, no waste water discharge; no combustion process, no fuel required; simple maintenance and low maintenance costs; good operational reliability and stability; as a key component The solar cell has a long service life, and the service life of a crystalline silicon solar cell can reach more than 25 years; it is easy to expand the scale of power generation according to needs.